is here with complete review about Zaheer Abbas Baad-e-Naubahar Bridal Collection 2015-16, this collection contains such styles and designs which a bridal can wish to wear in her marriage event, let’s have a look that which types of latest trends has introduced in this bridal collection by Zheer Abbas.

Zaheer Abbas:

Zaheer Abbas is a rising talent in the fashion industries of Pakistan, in very short time he get fame because of his exclusive ideas, elegant dresses, fabulous patterns and cuts, at this time, he has showed her expertise in his latest Zaheer Abbas Baad-e-Naubahar Bridal Collection 2015-16 at Fashion Pakistan Week 2015.

Baad-e-Naubahar Bridal Collection 2015-16:

Baad-e-Noubahar means the fresh and energetic air of spring season which contains various fragrances of lovely and delightful flowers, this air gives everyone a fresh and bouncing feelings and boost up the happiness, that’s why this collection contains a vast variety of fabulous and enchanting bridal dresses which will boost up your beauty and make you more appealing and elegant in your marriage.

Baad-e-Naubahar Bridal Collection 2015-16 has crafted according to the latest trends of bridal dresses, you will find many traditional bridal dresses in this collection which has crafted in latest fabulous styles and designs, if you want to wear a stylish lehnga, fancy sari, luxury frock on you wedding, you will find everything in Baad-e-Naubahar Bridal Collection 2015-16.

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All dresses in this collection has strikingly adorned with heavy and eye-catching embroideries, you will find these embroideries on the blouse, cholis, dupattas, silhouettes, front and back sides of shirts in this collection.

Have a look on the catalogue of this fabulous bridal collection below here, do contact with us if you have any query about Baad-e-Naubahar Bridal Collection 2015-16.

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