Priyanka Chopra Jonas has already played many roles in different movies of Bollywood and Hollywood too. Her fans are waiting to see Priyanka Chopra as James Bond. It is still a question that Who is Next James Bond? Priyanka Chopra or!!Let’s see what Priyanka says about the role of James Bond.

Who is Next James Bond? Priyanka Chopra or!!

Priyanka Chopra has entered in Hollywood industry from Bollywood few years ago. He has performed variety of roles in numerous Hollywood movies and series. She also loves to play unique and different roles that’s why her fans want to see her as female bond character too.

Priyanka Chopra is 37 years old and she is a big fan of James Bond and other famous spy characters. When Priyanka asked would he like to play role as female 007? She said that it is her wish to play the role of James Bond as female 007 and if any movie maker is planning and searching for a lady to play role as female James Bond, she is the best candidate for it.

She also said that it is her lifetime wish to play female Bond role but if movie makers choose other female for this role, she would love to see the movie with female bond.

The movies makers of Bond series have just announced the 25th James Bond movie with title “No Time To Die” which is fifth and final movie of Craig as James Bond. Who will be the next Bond in 26th movie and who is Next James Bond? Priyanka Chopra or!! If they plan to replace male bond with female! Then can Priyanka Chopra really deliver her ever best performance as female James Bond or not?

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