By reading this article How To Wear Party Makeup At Home Step By Step Guide, you will come to know everything about a fancy party makeup, which make your more stunning and enhance your beauty in the celebrations and parties and any season. Carefully read each step of this wear party makeup tutorial and enhance your personality by applying party makeup at home easily.

At the start of every makeup, you have to follow some basic steps. Please readout our article on these basic makeup tips of Step by Step Tutorial For Apply Natural Look before wearing party makeup. Follow the first 5 steps of that article carefully, which has titled with:

  1. Clean Face
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Apply Concealer
  4. Powder Foundation
  5. Apply Bronzer

After applying these steps gently, now go forward to enhance your face beauty to be gorgeous in upcoming parties of this season.

How To Wear Party Makeup At Home Step By Step Guide:

Once again, we strongly recommend you to apply all five steps of basic makeup, which has mentioned above in our other article. After applying all those steps, let’s read out step by step guidance about wear party makeup at home.

Apply Eye Shadows:

Eyes are one of the most important part to express your personality. If you ignore your eyes by wearing normal eyes makeup in any party, your actual beauty will remain incomplete. So, specially keep focus on the makeup of your eyes when you are wearing party makeup at home.

First, choose the eye shadow of your favorite brand and select 3 shades. You can choose similar and contrast shades, depends on the color of your skin and cloths. To apply these three shades on your eyes, follow the following three basic steps of how to apply three shades of eyeshadows for wear party makeup at home.

  • Apply the of dark shade near the lashes of your eyes.
  • Medium shade eyeliner is good to apply at the middle of your eyes brow.
  • Apply the lightest color near the brow of your eyes.

Apply Eyeliner:

Eyeliner is an amazing and necessary makeup product to enhance the beauty of your eyes. There are huge collection of different types and shades of eyeliner. Choose your desired eyeliner and styles to make your eyes more attractive and pretty.

There are following stylish and famous types of eye lashings. Choose your styles and apply eyeliner in your eyes.

  • Double Flick
  • Winehouse
  • Soft Smoke
  • Panda Smudge
  • Ni Liner
  • Arabic
  • Dropped Flick
  • Classic Bar
  • Thin Flick
  • Slept-In Smudge
  • Double Mod

It is necessary to use eyeliner in your eyes to wear party makeup at home. For more read this article to know about How to tightlinning your eyes with eyeliner?

Use Mascara:

After applying eye shadows and eye liners, now it’s time to finalize your eyes makeup for party. Pick up mascara, and apply it carefully on the lids of your eyes gently. Use your favorite shade of mascara to make your striking and beautiful in the crowd of any party.

Beautify Your Lips:

Now, it’s time to make your lips hot and enchanting by applying colorful lip liner and lipstick. First, apply lip liner on the corners of your lips carefully. Then apply lipstick on your lips gently. If you want to make the makeup of your lips long lasting and more charming? We suggest you to also apply lips gloss on the shades of lipstick.

Now, it’s done. If you carefully apply all steps, you don’t need to go in any beauty parlor or saloon to wear party makeup. Because now you are able to apply perfect party makeup at home. We suggest you to read out this article of How To Wear Party Makeup At Home Step By Step Guide carefully twice, to become the pro makeup artistic at home.

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