Smokey eyes makeup have always been in fashion. They look very charming especially in the night functions, but people carry this look even at the indoor functions of the daytime. Smokey eyes makeup is all about bold and prominent eyes. This Smokey eye style is equally popular for all the occasions whether it is wedding or a party. So, here is the most inspiring and Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Step By Step Guide, through which you can create flawless Smokey makeup.

Eid Ul Azha is nearly upon us and everyone is preparing to make the festival awesome. Every girls wants her dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories to be perfect. This is because on Eid days, all the families, even those with difference, gather together and enjoy merrily. You have to attend lunches and dinners with lots of people. Girls in these kind of events and places are very self-conscious about themselves and want to be perfect so that they can attract attention.  It also happens in Wedding ceremonies where lot of families meet up on the joining of two individuals. You do not need to worry anymore about it because Team Stylee.PK can help you regarding this.

The most prominent feature on your face are your eyes and let’s say that you had some way of beautifying them? Below are the Top Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Eid and Wedding Party. If you follow these tips to the point then you will end up with sizzling and hot eyes.

For your ease, we have made steps so that you can follow them as you read.

Begin With Primer

If you are going to use Smokey makeup on your eyes then it is definite that it won’t look good with lines and smear. The primer is best for smokey eyes makeup. So, begin by applying makeup around the eye area to prevent from lines and smear.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Applying Primer

Usage of Concealer

No one wants their dark circle to seem prominent while applying smokey eyes makeup. In this case concealer is the best remedy. With the right use of concealer you can hide all of your dark circles, dark spots and pimples completely. Apply a concealer, on the upper and lower areas of your eye and use your finger to blend it to a perfect shade which matches up with your skin. Now, use a compact powder on it to give it a finished look.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Using Concealer

Applying Dark Shadow

Now, when you are done preparing the base of your eye, apply a dark shade from the lash line to the outer corner of the eye and blend it. Black and brown shades are always recommended to produce a Smokey look for eyes. Play with colors in Smokey makeup until you find the best shade.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Using EyeShadow

Blending and Smudging

Blending your makeup properly is the most important part of Smokey makeup of eyes. You can use a smudging brush to do this work as well. It will be highly helpful for blending the shades properly which will eliminate the dark lines.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Blending Makeup

Apply an Eyeliner

You are done with the color application. Now, you need some eyeliner to define your eyes look. Black liner is preferred. You can use a creamy or a liquid eyeliner as per your wishes. Eye pencil can also be used as a substitute. To glamorize your eyes a bit more, use a shimmery eyeliner on top of it. Also use a highlighter on your brow bone to beautify you more.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Defining Your Eyes

Using a Kajal

Use a Kajal to define your lower eye area because otherwise it won’t look good with the enhanced upper area.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Girls applying kajal

Curling and Add Mascara

Use a heated lash curler on your eyelashes, so that they will hold the curl longer and then apply a thick coat of black mascara on your eyes. This will bless you with long extended eye lashes.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips 2015
Adding Curl To Your Eye Lashes

These were some of the Top Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Eid and Wedding Party. Follow these tips to look stunning this Eid!

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