Do you want long lasting lip gloss? Well, sure you do because this summer season can be a menace because the lipstick washes right off your lips due to all the heat and sweat. Do not worry because our Stylee expert beauticians have compiled a list of Top 9 Secret Tips for Long Lasting Lip Gloss.

Without further ado, let’s break this piece of information to you!

These secret tips are not exactly secret but are the combination of the prepping, application and your product choice. If you want your lipstick to hang for longer on your lips then follow the steps below:

  1. To make sure that the lipsticks lasts longer on your lips then you must clear all the slivers of dead skin on your lips. You can use any exfoliator for this purpose.
  2. Now, apply a hydrating lip balm on your lips and make sure that it is non-oily. Anything in a waxy form is preferred over the oily stuff on which lipstick will run out quickly.
  3. Use foundation or concealer over your lips. Don’t camouflage your lips on your face just lighten their natural pink so that the natural color will blossom out later on the application of lipstick.
  4. If you wish to apply a bold lip color then use a concealer pencil to outline your lips. This will act as a barrier and prevent the bleeding of your lipstick. It’s as if you are making a boundary around your lips. Just outline and blend it softly with your fingers.
  5. Pick up a lip liner and outline your lips with it and then fill it with color too. The lip pencil is drier than lipstick and helps the lipstick to adhere onto something on your lips. Thus one of the reason it will last longer.
  6. Begin applying your lipstick gently. Do not just start making lines with your lipstick. Hold your hands firmly and apply it in a controlled matter. Make sure that your lipstick pigmentation is good and has a firm color.
  7. Apply lipstick over the rest of your lips. Remove the blemishes using a tissue. Level the lipstick accordingly.
  8. Make two halves out of a tissue. Place one sheet of tissue over your lips and using a brush apply a translucent makeup powder over your lips. This will set the color of your lipstick without direct exposure to powder.
  9. Smoothly apply another layer of the same lipstick over your lips and Voila! You are done!

Follow these tips to the point and you will end up with perfectly shaped gorgeous looking lips.

Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips 2015
Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips 2015
Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips 2015
Long Lasting Lipsticks Makeup Tips 2015

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