A night before eid is called as Chaand Raat and this night is dedicated to Pakistani girls. In this night, they design mehndi on their hands and Top 7 Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015- 2016 is here for all the girls looking for new mehndi designs for eid 2015.

Mehndi is not only social but also a religious custom for Pakistani Muslims and Muslims belonging to other countries. This niche is getting advanced and advanced with each passing day and now here are a number of henna tattoos that are being used by the girls. And so Pakistani mehndi designs have become popular in the world as well because of their easy and thin designs.

Main difference in Arabic Mehndi Designs and Pakistani Mehndi Designs is that, Arabian Mehndi Designs are more complexed and thick in the shape while Pakistani mehndi designs are easy to drawn, easy to carry and easy to understand while made with a thin cone tip. But you have to be very careful while making Pakistani Mehndi Designs forEid 2015- 2016 because as they are thin in line so, a little mistake can ruin your design.

So, to avoid this phenomenon you have to keep a tissue paper, handkerchief, or woody tipped apparatus with you in order to clean the excessive mehndi out of your hands. Keep calm and steady while making Pakistani mehndi designs on your hands even if it takes an hour or two in start, with passage of time, time span get shorten.

Now I need to share some warnings and precautions you need to keep in your mind while choosing a mehndi. Well, you know mehndi is originally derived from a plant found in Africa, North America and some parts of south Asia. It is usually found in lite green color but these days another mehndi is introduced i.e. known as black henna.

Black henna is very harmful for your hands and so many incidents and accidents have been reported which show that black henna contains harmful and acidic specks which lead the girls’ hands to go wounded and allergic. Some of the henna cone maker companies are also using harmful materials in the green henna cones which has substances that can disturb your hands badly so while purchasing a cone, ask the shop keeper if it contains harmful materials.

Such mehndi cones take less time in giving good color but actually they can disturb your hands in long run. So, it will be better that you put mehndi on your hands to get good colors instead of using a chemically made henna cone. Now, check out the images Top 7 Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs forEid 2015- 2016 in the end and we hope this eid brings love, joy and everlasting happiness to your lives!! Happy Eid to all the precious readers of Pakistan.

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