Tomorrow going to be the Chaand Raat of Baree Eid in Pakistan and in this relevance we have brought Top 7 Easy Mehndi designs for Eid ul Azha 2015.

As you all know Mehndi is the vital adherent of Eids, Weddings, engagement ceremonies and other carnivals of Muslims living in south Asia especially Pakistan. In our ancestors’ times it was basically certain for the brides and wedded girls only to get their hands decorated with mehndi but as now time has changed for girls, Mehndi has become Love for all age women.

Now, there is also an evolution in the designing of mehndi as well. Such as, in older days our dynasties used to use the henna powder mixed in the tap water and try to tattoo their hands with it by using their own fingers. But as time passed the Mehndi making niche developed as well and now there are cone shaped envelops of mehndi available everywhere.  These cone shaped mehndi coverings enabled girls to make more acentric and attractive mehndi designs because you can now grip mehndi in your hands like a pencil.

But, this phenomenon brought a stumble to our lives that Mehndi designing became a very costly business now a days. Big parlors and beauty centers now own mehndi departments which, no doubt, tattoo your hands with aesthetic designs but they charge a very high fee in this regard. Especially on the occasions like Chand Raat and Eids, the rates get higher even more and girls belonging to middle income groups start using mehndi on their own.

In this regard, they need some basic and very easy plus NewMehndi Design which they can draw easily on their hands and feet even if they are the novice mehndi designers. So, we have brought some latest, rare but Top 7 Easy Mehndi designs for Eid ul Azha 2015, to make our young readers Eid overwhelming even more.

Here are the designs that will be easy to make and will look elegant on your hands, these designs will take very less time in getting drawn and you won’t feel problem while drawing them out. To diagram these Top Mehndi designs for Eid ul Azha 2015 over your hands all you need is to have patience and dedication.

Now checkout the Top 7 Easy Mehndi designs for Eid ul Azha 2015 in the images given below:

Happy Chaand Raatt All the regular readers of!!!

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