Chand Raat will be tomorrow INSHA ALLAH such as on Thursday, 24-September-2015 and we have Top 7 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands 2015- 2016 for you so you can impress your nears and dears with your peculiar hand art.

Hands decoration art is very old and much popular in the indo-Pak regions and has become cultural norm now. But this art is deep-rooted to the advent of Islamwhen Islam made it religiously important for women and men to use henna over their hands, feet and even on the hairs.

To fulfil this holy duty, Muslims, tattoo their hands with henna living in all parts of the planet earth. Such as living in Pakistan, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan, USA and UK etc. hence henna tattoo art varies country wise and Arabic Mehndi Designs are very popular in the South Asian regions. Thus Top 7 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands 2015- 2016 are pasted in this article to help you finding the best art for your hands.

In this article we will not only be discussing Top 7 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs for hands but will also tell you how you can draw them easily without making errors. These are not only top most but also new mehndi designs for EidulAzhathat will look elegant on your hands.Here is the step by step idea of Top 7 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands 2015- 2016, just follow these

  1. Pick the henna in your hands just like pencil
  2. If you are applying mehndi on someone else’s hand then make her sit in the right direction like right in front of you
  3. Start drawing it from your wrist
  4. If a line get spoiled or their comes excessive henna, use a spiky thing with tissue on the front edge to remove it
  5. Keep calm, steady and committed with your hand art till the end
  6. If you are drawing an Arabian mehndi design, try to use thick tipped cone of mehndi because Arabic mehndi designs are usually thick

In start, a design may take more time but with the passage of time you will get mastered in making them and start taking lesser time. These steps will help you while making all the designs included in this passage. Now check out the Top 7 Best Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands 2015- 2016 images given below.

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