Tooba Siddiqui Biography Pakistani Model

Tooba Siddiqui Biography Pakistani Model

Tooba siddiqui, the item girl of song selfiyan from famous Pakistani movie wrong number is a famous Pakistani model turned actress. She has got slim figure, chocolate like color and tall height that makes her distinct model. After marriage, Tooba had limited her showbiz activities but coming back with the performance in song selfiyan, earned huge heap on social forums.

She is the model, later started acting and did many plays for different Pakistani channels. She has also promoted her designation in personal life form being single to married and then being a mother. Tooba considers this all a wonderful experience of her life.

Here is the complete biography of tooba siddiqui’s life:


Tooba siddiqui enjoys Leo zodiac sign by birth and born on 7 august 1984 in Karachi. Tooba moves for a visit in different countries but prefers her homeland Pakistan to be lived in permanently.

Personal life

Tooba’s husband doesn’t like her work in showbiz that’s why tooba left this industry some years ago. She is mother of healthy baby boy and loves her activities at home a lot.

Showbiz career

Tooba started in showbiz by appearing in the music video of famous Pakistani pop star yasir akhter. From here her journey in the modeling started.


After appearing as model tooba decided to test her qualities as an actress and appeared in different Pakistani dramas and movies including block buster hit Pakistani movie Ajnabi Shehar Main. In this movie, she was starred against Shaan shahid, Ali Zafar and Veena Malik and legendry actor Nadeem baig.


In her such a limited career at showbiz, tooba got nominated for awards in many categories and won LUX Style award as best model.

Anyhow, now tooba is back with her stunning attitude with a special appearance role in movie wrong number and her role is being liked around the globe.

Team wishes tooba sidiqui all the luck for her upcoming projects.

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