is here for you with complete review about the latest Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16, this collection contains various styles and designs of 18th century, let’s check the eye-catching and surprising styles of this bridal collection:

Tena Durrani:

Tena Durrani is a well-known name in the fashion industries of Pakistan, she has launched many seasonal, festival and bridal collections, her every collection has crafted according to the latest trends, but her most beloved collection are those, in which she has combined Pakistani traditional fashions with the trends of other countries, at this time, she has introduced a variety of bridal dresses blended with the styles of 18th century.

Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16:

In the event of Fashion Pakistan Week 2015, Tena Durrani has presented an elegant variety of bridal dresses with tremendous styles and designs in her latest Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16, all dresses in this collection has crafted with the artistic mixture of 18th century fashions, these old fashions become more startling and dazzling when Tena Durrani combined them in Pakistani traditional bridal dresses.

You will find fancy lehngas, saris, ghararas and cholis crafted with artistic patterns and tailoring, every dress in this collection has made with proficient expertise, all dresses in Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16 has fully embellished with embroideries with floral and botanic patterns, the dresses of Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16 are perfect for those, who want to look actual classy and gorgeous in their marriage with stunning and sparkling bridal dress.

Have a look on the catalogue of this surprising bridal collection at the end of this page, select a classy dress to wear on your marriage and that day ever memorable, do contact with us at if you want know further info about Tena Durrani Omorose Bridal Collection 2015-16.

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