Get ready to hear about the most chic assortment of the season i.e. Taana Baana Eid Collection 2018, now available in stores for all the girls looking to update their closets secretly with fashionable  collections.

So, here you go with the bits and bobs of the Phulkari by Taana Baana Autumn Collection 2015: Cave in with the fabric and stuff occupied to get the collection for summer, ready to wear. Well, fabric used for these dresses is soft cotton, cambric and viscose pure crinkle.You will be able to find 3 piece suits with cotton dupattas, 3 pc suits with cambric dupatta and 3 pc suits with crinkle/ Krinkle dupattas.

Taana Baana Eid Collection 2018 are further adorned with exotic floral gardens and exquisite embroideries patterned in the natural scenes and nature junks like flowers and botanic veins.It also include Swarovski button embellishments, embroidered borders and threaded laces on the shirts. Comprising to this, vegetal threadwork is patted on the necklines, over hems and around the sleeve edges.

All above mentioned qualities are making this Taana Baana Eid Collection 2018 perfect to wear on the this Eid Because, these softly stuffed dresses are adorned in rich embellishments and going to make your appearance and persona more stylish in a relaxing way. So, while shopping for your eid dresses you must have to consider Phulkari by Taana Baana Eid Collection 2018.

Moreover, these dresses are offered in the form of unstitched form and you can design them in your own personal way. You need to be a little hurried because now there are probably 10 to 12 days are left and hiring a tailor now will be easier but if you get late may be you won’t be able to book a tailor. Furthermore, purchaseTaana Baana Eid Collection 2018 as fast as you can before it get out of stock.

To make your decision more firm, let me tell you about the opulent and rejuvenating pastels of the collection that include all hot and cool colors such as,Pista, icy turquoise, grayish blue, mint, autumn plumb, beige, royal blue and silver. All the hues are decorated with the floral prints of opposite textures.

In this end, some words on the price of Taana Baana Eid Collection 2018. Well prices are moderate too and offered in two types such as if you purchase a printed dress you will pay less price and you can purchase same dress with embroidered front by paying more prices. Now, you will be thinking on what is the price of Taana Baana Eid Collection 2018, well they are written as below:


  • PKR 6000- PKR 9000

Check the images of the collection given below and let us know which dress you would like to wear on eid as along with reviews, has started to offer you online purchasing of the designer dresses.

For further information and queries contact our customer service representative team. Thank you and happy shopping!!