In this article, we are going to guide you with Step By Step Tutorial About Apply Natural Makeup Look. Every woman wants to look charming in daily routine and specially in celebrations or parties. Party makeup is not a big issue because there are many makeup products available in market, which helps you to enhance your face beauty.

But when we talk about the natural makeup, only minority of women actual know how to apply natural makeup look. If you are newly married, office or college/university going lady. Natural makeup is perfect for you because it is a kind of wearing makeup but look like apply no makeup. Let’s start the tutorial to be you pro makeup artist, so you will be able to apply natural makeup look.

Step By Step Tutorial For Apply Natural Makeup Look:

Do follow the following steps of makeup for natural look carefully. Here we go:

Clean Face & Previous Makeup:

It is important to clean your face before applying any type of other makeup. For this, wash your face with good quality scrub and warm water. Drop the cotton ball in warm water and rub on your face to remove the old makeup and dust.

Moisturize Face:

After cleansing your face, now it’s time to apply some moisturizer. Moisturize makes your skin soft and glow.

Apply Concealer Around Eyes:

Use the same color concealer of your skin color. If you use different color of concealer, then it will cause to show others that you are wearing makeup on your face and it’s not your natural look. Carefully apply concealer around eyes to cover the spots and make your skin soft.

Powder Foundation on Face:

Choose the right color of power matching with your skin to apply powder foundation on face. Try to select natural and light color (matching with your skin), apply powder foundation on your cheeks, forehead, neck and other parts of your face. Powder foundation is best technique for natural look makeup, if you have oily skin. If you have dark circles around your eyes, rub the powder gently around your eyes with ring finger.

Apply Blusher/Bronzer:

Bronzer is a good makeup product, which gives a natural look and makes your face glow. Gently apply blusher on your cheeks and other parts of face. Remember, do not apply too much bronzer on your face, just lightly rub the blusher on your face to apply natural makeup look.

Use Eyeliner:

If you want to give your eyes a brighter and natural look, use eyeliner on the lashes of your eyes. You can use white eyeliner on the inside corner of your eyes, which gives a brighter look to your eyes in natural way.

Apply Natural Makeup Look
             Apply Natural Makeup Look

Use Eyeshadow:

Now, it’s time to enhance your face beauty by applying eyeshadow on your eyes. It’s better to use two colors of eyeshadow (matching with your skin). Carefully and lightly apply eyeshadows on your eyes to make your eyes more attractive and beautiful.

Remember, we are going to apply natural makeup look. That’s why never forget to blend both colors of eyeshadows with each other for natural look. If you don’t do this, it will clearly show that you are wearing some makeup.

Apply Makeup on Lips:

You have successfully applied natural makeup on your face except lips. Choose a perfect color of lipstick of lip gloss to apply on your lips. It is necessary to choose the same color of lipstick or lip gloss with matching color of your lips. Gently makeup your lips with same color and step by step tutorial about apply natural makeup look has completed.

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