Shruti and Corsale are in news from past few weeks but there was no any authentic news about ShrutiHaasan Michael Corsale Breakup till she opens up about their relationship. First, let us have a look on the background of their life.

ShrutiHaasan is an actress cum singer born January 28, 1986 in Chennai. He has worked on many movies of different languages i.e. Tamil, Telugu and Hindi too.

Michael Corsale is a Latin actor and he was born in born in London, England and he was known as an experience stage performer. Then he has assigned as different major roles in several movies.

ShrutiHaasan Michael Corsale Breakup

Both of them were in news of social media that they are dating from past few months. But suddenly both of them were out of news and their fans were thinking that there is something serious in their relationship. But nobody can imagine about ShrutiHaasan Michael Corsale Breakup.

Finally, ShrutiHaasan opens up about breakup with Michael Corsale. She opens her mouth about this breakup in a chat show recently. According to her words, she has confirmed that her relationship with Michael Corsale is come to an end and they are not in a relationship.

Moreover, she says that she has learn many things with this relationship experience and there is no any formula to figure out a perfect relationship. She said that it was a good experience for her overall and she always waited for that great love.

Currently ShrutiHaasanis working in two movies and you will see her soon in Hindi movie “Power” and Tamil movie “Laabam”.

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