Shehrnaz Basics Stylish Trousers Summer Collection 2017 is based on different styles such as eastern Shalwar and western pants.

Shehrnaz Basics Stylish Trousers Summer Collection 2017

Fashion of Pakistan is emerging more and more with each passing day. From old styled jeans to normal shalwars, trend for bottoms has enough changed. Now, variety of new patterns has taken the place such as harem pants, palazzo trousers, Capri bottoms and silky pants are on the go. Usually stitching patterns of such bottoms is different and every tailor can’t follow it. In this scenario, purchasing prêt trouser is the key you need and this is what sheharnaz trousers series bringing for you.

First of all, we will talk about the fabric. Well, fabric used for these pants is the one you can carry in summer as well as in pre winter days. That means, you can make a long term use of Sherhrnaz trousers in almost all the seasons except severe winters. It’s not a reason to worry because such severe cold seasons last only for 2 to 3 weeks in the most regions of Pakistan. Fabric such as chicken, lawn, silk, cambric, linen and cotton is used.


Secondly, Shehrnaz Basics Stylish Trousers Summer Collection 2017 is prêt and the brand has stitched the fabric in stylish way. You can have following styles of bottoms in Shehrnaz Stylish Trousers assemblage.

  • Tulip pants
  • Bell bottom palazzo
  • Sharara
  • Dhoti Shalwar
  • Straight palazzo
  • Eastern Shalwar
  • Straight pants
  • Patiala Shalwar

Moreover, single style is available in more than one color. But designer have used those colors that can be carried with any kurta of any shade. Such as, you will find colored trousers which can be carried with almost all lighter and some darker toned kurtas. Then you have black color, which is also suitable to carry with any color. Some whites are blended in creamy colors and ferozi prints. Furthermore, these trousers are bedecked with beads, crochet laces, embroidered border and floral side lines. You can have a look at them at the end of this page in catalogue of shehrzad trouser collection.

Last but not the least, price of Shehrnaz Basics Stylish Trousers Summer Collection 2017 is same for all articles i.e.

  • PKR 3,500/-


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