Classic, descent and the most ethnic collection of the season is Shaista Viscose Linen Eid and Wedding Collection 2015, it is a capsule of blazing apparels that you can utilize on eid as well as on the wedding of your friends and their friends.

Here I am going to disclose each and every detail about Shaista Viscose Linen Eid Collection 2015, in order to nourish our readers’ mind with the best and genuine available information: so here you go…

Let’s cave in the details of the Viscose Linen Eid and Wedding Collection 2015with the stuff of the apparels, well, stuff used in the collection is the lenient cotton and cambric. Cambric is one of those fabrics that dive in the fabric industry only in the summer and winter dispatching days, and now as autumn is saying hello to Pakistan, hence designers are using it for their fall and midsummer collections.

Along with softness, fabric is enchanted with the glittering as well as dusky prints in order toenable you enjoying day and night time of the rusty autumns. Blooming prints include floral patterns, tribal patterns, botanic vein patterns, peacock pattern, betel leaf patterns and rosemary patterns. All these prints are crafted digitally on the shirts and beautifying the collection even more.

Moreover, Viscose Linen Eid and Wedding Collection 2015 by Shaista comprising 3 piece dresses, assembled in the longer yards, enabling you get a stylish dress without getting worried about the length of the fabric: so, you will get

2.5 meter printed cambric shirts

2.5 meter printed cambric dupatta

2.5 meter dyed trouser

Furthermore, colors are seasonal and classically patched over the dresses.In darken tones you will get; chocolate brown twisted with mustard gestures, plumb color combined with dim brownish shade, red and yellow combo with royal blue back, crimson amassed with grayish tone of blue, orange printed with enormous different glooms and plumb combined with beige.

You will also get lighter shades in Shaista Viscose Linen Eid and Wedding Collection 2015, such as, beige shirt combined with dusky blue along with zebra printed sleeves and mustard floral print on the hemline, fresh yellow hue combined with off-white and red shades, a palette of botanic green, mustard and crimson colors and last but not the least silver gray with parrot green and luminous prints of red shade.

You can check the color combinations and prints of the collection in the catalogue of Shaista Viscose Linen Collection 2015 uploaded at the end of this collection.

Finally, price of Shaista Viscose Linen Eid and Wedding Collection 2015 is offered same of all the attires in order to save you from the confusion while making an order. So price for all the eid apparels by Shaista clothing is

  • PKR 2,795 only

Now you can place your orders via by just commenting below.


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