Shabnam Naz Bridal Collection 2015, Shabnam Naz is a very talented fashion designer who has introduced several collections of different types of clothes and each collection has been a hit. She excels in manufacturing different types of clothes but her bridal collections have been particularly popular. If you are looking for fantastic eye catchy wedding dress then we are sure that Shabnam Naz Bridal Collection 2015 features just the type of dress that will make wedding day special.

One of the best thing about this collection is that it also includes dresses which are fit for Walimah and Mehndi ceremonies. These dresses give an outer glow and glorifies the personality of the bride. The dress curves and edges at all the right places giving the wearer a firm structure and shows of confidence. The wedding dress is made of high quality material. Almost all the dresses have been made of Cotton fabric. The silhouettes of the dress give off a mysterious look to the dress. The design of the dress and all the features discussed before provides a queen like gait to the bride while she is wearing the dress.

The hues and colors in the wedding dress act as a major feature in making the dress look attractive.The colors used in the Shabnam Naz Bridal Collection 2015 are not too flashy. The colors used are fantastic and sizzling but have been used with a certain level of sophistication. The colors used in the Shabnam Naz wedding collection have been used in such a way that they would look good on brides of all ages. These are the following colors which have been used in the bridal dresses:

  • Silver
  • Golden
  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Beige
  • Pink
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • Red

The styles used in the dress are up to date. Traditional values have been kept under consideration while manufacturing the dress yet they are made following the trend, which is just what the young brides are looking for. Different styles have been merged to give out a master piece dress. These are the styles which have been used in the Shabnam Naz Bridal Collection 2015.

  • Lehngas
  • Blouse
  • Cholis
  • Shirt
  • Sarees
  • Duppatas
  • Trouses
  • Frocks

With fantastic colors and trendy styles, the dresses have been further decorated to beautify them. Several accessories have been embellished on the dress to make it look more beautiful. Following embellishments have been used on the dresses:

  • Semi-Precious Stone
  • Silver Work
  • Embroidery
  • Patches

Taking all the things under consideration, we can say that Shabnam Naz Bridal Collections 2015 is a masterpiece collection. Stylee.PK wishes best of luck to all the brides!

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