Sapphire has introduced charming shirts for girls in latest Sapphire’s Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection 2016, you will find eye-catching patterns and modern silhouettes in this collection, let’s check the latest fashions of this valentine’s collection.


This collection has made with such comfy fabric, which is perfect for you to wear in this spring season, you will find all shirts of this collection has made with Lawn fabric, Sapphire has offered stitched shirts and kurtas for girls in the collection.

Styles and Designs:

Valentine’s Day is one of the most famous event in which people shows their sincerity by giving gifts specially flowers, that’s why girls prefer to wear cheerful and flowery dresses on this event, to fulfil this whish Sapphire has presented floral and eye-catching shirts in Sapphire’s Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection 2016.

These shirts has crafted with delightful patterns which has crafted with such expertise, that you must want to wear them after having a look on any shirt of this collection, these patterns has crafted on both sides of shirts, which give a striking look to every shirt of this collection.

Sapphire’s Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection 2016 is a digital printed collection, designers of Sapphire has introduced charming combinations of flowery, sceneries and birds prints on the shirts of this collection, these cheerful patterns make you classy on the special day of this spring season.

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Price Range:

The price of this collection is very affordable according to the budget of every girl, you will get single dress of this collection in the price of:

  • PKR 2,200/- to PKR 2,400/-

If you really want to look dazzling on this Valentine’s Day, then Sapphire’s Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection 2016 is perfect for you, check the images of this collection down here, for further info do contact with us at

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