Sanam Baloch Biography Pakistani Actress and Model

Sanam Baloch Biography Pakistani Actress and Model

Sanam Baloch a girl with cute face and dimpling cheeks is the most loved actress of Pakistan television industry. In her 5 years career, Sanam has done so many things such as from video joking to Hosting and from acting to modeling, whatever she has does, she has been loved for that.


Sanam Baloch was born on 14 July, 1986 in the Karachi, sindh, Pakistan. Her zodiac sign is cancer and it is considered as one of the king sign among all. She spent her childhood in the very streets of Karachi and she loves this city.

Education and Education

Sanam started school near her home and for higher studies she went to Karachi University where she got the degree of Alma mater. During her education at Karachi University, Sanam started doing hosting show on a channel with sindhi language KTN.

Sanam Baloch Family/ Siblings/ personal life

Sanam Baloch is the youngest daughter in family and has two brothers. Her father’s name is Altaf Sheikh who is an educationist and liberal minded person and never been an obstacle in the way of Sanam baloch’s career in showbiz. Sanam Baloch got three sisters and they are Ghawana Baloch, Maheen Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani, sabreen also works in media as actress. Remaining siblings are 2 brothers named as Abbas Baloch and Farhan Baloch.

Sanam Baloch Marriage / Spouse

Sanam got married to his fellow worker and colleague Abdullah Farhatullah in 2013 and she is having a very happy married life up to now. Abdullah is a cooperative person and never asked Sanam to leave media rather he suggest her which things she should do and which not.

Showbiz Career

Sanam entered in this world of glam as a host from a sindhi channel KTN, where she used to do 2 shows. After marriage Sanam didn’t played characters in much dramas rather she made her attentions to hosting only and started hosting morning shows, these days she is hosting morning show on ARY digital. Here is the list:

  • Sanam Small Room
  • Diyo
  • Subh Sawery Sama K Sath
  • The Morning Show


Sanam was struggling to make her name in this niche when she met to a famous director of PTV who casted her in his drama Kalaq against Fahad Mustufa, she played role of sidra mohish and from her career is showbiz took off. A list of famous dramas by Sanam is stated as below:

Year Drama Role Channel
2013 Kankar Kiran Hum TV
2012 Durr-e-Shehwar Durr-e-Shehwar Hum TV
2012 Roshan Sitara Roshan Ara Hum TV
2012 Chaudvin Ka Chaand Saba Nawaz Hum TV
2012 Eik Thi Paro Paro TV One
2011 Sehra teri Payas Maryam Akhter Geo TV
2011 Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan Bhi tha Kiran ARY Digital
2011 Akbari Asghari Akbari Hum TV
2011 Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya Hira ARY Digital
2010 Chemistry Raina Geo TV
2010 Daam Zara ARY Digital
2010 Daastaan Bano Hum TV
2010 Zindat bint-e-sakina hazir Zinat Geo TV
2009 Manchaley Mithu Hum TV
2009 Noorpur ki Rani Noori Hum TV


Along with acting, Sanam is a great performer, who mesmerizes and can bewitch the audience by just giving expressions. That’s why she has done a lot of songs as a model and their videos were nominated for awards as well.

Year Music Video Singer /band
2010 Thumri Amanat Ali
2008 Choodiyon Najaf Ali
2006 Jogi Shehnila Ali


Sanam has also got awards for her best performances listed as below

Year Award Category Drama
2012 Lux Style Awards Best Actress Sehra Teri Pyas
2011 Pakistan Media Awards Best Actress Daastaan


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