Sana Safinaz Muzlin Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-1 2017 with a slogan that says “When it’s too hot for anything else, stay cool and look smoking!”

Sana Safinaz Muzlin Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-1 2017

This collection is very rich in designs and offered only for those are fashion freaks and want to carry entirely individualistic look in the most possible way.  Material of Muzlim collection by Sana Safinaz is lawn a best fabric to wear in springy as well as hotter days.

Moreover, in this collection you will get 3 kinds of assemblages such as

  • One piece unstitched Kurti
  • 2 Piece suits
    • Lawn shirt and dyed bottom
    • Lawn shirt and Lawn Dupatta
  • 3 Piece suits
    • Lawn shirt, Dyed bottom and Lawn dupatta
    • Lawn shirt, Dyed bottom and Chiffon Dupatta

Yes, everybody is going to have a dress of its own individual choice. Those, like wear jeans or readymade cigarette pants can have lawn shirt and dupatta 2 piece suit while all those who carry scarves, mufflers or hats can carry the other offered two piece suits series i.e. lawn shirt with dyed bottom. Moreover, if you want a dress along with dupatta you still got two choices, i.e. take either lawn or chiffon fabric for duaptta.

Moreover, it’s not just about fabric but the designing and printing done over all dresses is such cool and classy that even dull days of summer will start looking exotic and comfy. From tropical flora to exuberant geometric prints and from scrunched lines to colorful floral strewed, all designs are crafted on the dresses of Sana Safinaz Muzlin Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-1 2017.

Along with this, Ethnic prints with tribal designs belonging to different ethnicities such as Russian, old Chinese, Victorian and old Mughals era are also drawn on the shirts and dupattas of this latest collection my Sana Safinaz. Along with this, silky thread art is also adorned on the apparels in designs motifs, embroideries and frills etc. You can check this designing given at the end of this page in the complete catalogue of Sana Safinaz Muzlin Collection 2017.

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Furthermore, color scheming is thoughtful yet enchanting and done under great care that even the hotter and bristling days of summers will transform into gentle and calm days. All the luminous and soft colors are used as the base and adorned with brighter and darker shades of black, green mongiya, feroza, amber, grey and plum etc.

Last but not the least, talking about price: well, as this assemblage is offering different series of dresses thus prices offered are also different. Anyhow, the price range of Sana Safinaz Muzlin Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-1 2017 is;

  • PKR 1,490 to PKR 4,590

Here is the catalogue:

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