A very economical range of designer lawn dresses is out in Riwaj Summer Lawn Collection 2017 Vol-2 by Shariq Textiles. The collection is offering very economical range of designer dresses enriched in floral printing and shrub embroideries. Let’s start with the review.

Riwaj Summer Lawn Collection 2017 Vol-2 by Shariq Textiles

First of all let me question what is the stuff and quality of the fabric offered in Riwaj Summer Lawn collection 2017 vol-2. Well, fabric of shirts and trousers is lawn which is very cool and serene to provide ease and coolness to your body all along hot days of summer.

Secondly, fabric is decorated with all kind of blooming prints and refreshing embroideries crafted in rosy bunches floral veins and wild lilies.  Along with this, digital embroideries are also there on shirts around neckline, on hemline and around sleeves. All with this, front and backside of the shirts are printed in separate colors making one dress a combo of brighter and darker shades.

Third spot is given to pastel selection of the latest Lawn Collection by Shariq Textiles. Pastels are mixed very wisely by the designers of the collection as they have enriched every dress in a color palette of summer hues. There are pinks, mints, reds, whites, magentas, yellows, oranges, greens, reds, butter, turquoise, peach, lemon and grey.

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Feel free to check all the colors and prints at the end of this page in Riwaj Summer Lawn Collection 2017 Vol-2 catalogue.

Fourth point will explain the fabric material offered for each dress. Well, even prices are low but fabric given by this collection is sufficient enough to tailor a stylish dress this summer. Here is the detail:

  • 2.5 meter printed shirt
  • 2.5 meter dyed trouser
  • 2.5 meter chiffon dupatta

So now you all the details, but one thing i.e. remaining to answer is the price of Riwaj Summer Lawn Collection 2017 Vol-2 by Shariq Textiles. Well, price is economical to be bear by any person and i.e.

  • PKR 1,590 only.

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