Fabulously charming young blood of Pakistan, Arij Fatima, is depicting the dresses of Rehaab Lawns Mid Summer Collection 2015 by Jaffrani Textile, this year.

This collection is comprising premium embroidered lawn dresses in 3 piece suits from that are ready to be tailored and excellently schemed in an aesthetic way.Cave in the details of this collection one by one so, you can get a better recognition of Rehaab Premium Embroidered Lawn Collection 2015 by Jaffrani Textile.

First of all fabric, fabric is lawn and although season of wearing lawn has been gone now but it would be wise to buy these dresses in off season because in this way, you can avail discounted prices. Such as, even best of best varieties can be purchased on the lower rates and so the middle-classers will be able to wear designer dresses. So, this collection by Rehaab is dedicated to the low income groups of Pakistan.

Secondly, geographical location of north Asian regions such as Pakistanis such type that weather remains hot mostly in a year and the day time is even chocking. So, on eid, if there would be a sunny day, lawn dress will compel the meteorological conditions. But as Eid is a big festival so, to give Rehaab Lawns Mid Summer Collection 2015, Jaffrani Textiles have used embroidered net patches, embroidered bunches and kallis, with each dress to give them a festive appearance.

Thirdly, this collection is offering you single apparel in 6 pieces which means, cloth for your dress is already divided so, getting your dresses stitched in a trendy way will be easier. What all this Rehaab Collection by Jaffrani Textiles is comprising for you is written as below:

  • 1.25 Embroidered Front of the shirt
  • 1.25 meter printed backside of the shirt
  • 2.5 meter dyed lawn trouser
  • 2.5 meter chiffon printed dupatta

Add ons include

  • Embroidered net front
  • Embroidered Bunch
  • Embroidered Kallis

*These add ons can differ dress wise

Fourthly, color scheme is very refreshing and blazing that it will cherish the moments of eid even more. It include black, ferozi, green, orange, yellow, mustard and sky blue hues. On all the dresses opposite colored prints are crafted which is making Rehaab Lawns Mid Summer Collection 2015 by Jaffrani Textilea floral bouquet.

Finally, price of Rehaab Lawns Mid Summer Collection 2015 by Jaffrani Textile is higher just like its designs and it is lying between:

  • PKR 3,695 to PKR 4,095

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