RANG RASIYA Eid Collection 2019

Before making any decision of purchase, kindly delve into this review to get yourself aware with this collection as a whole fetching for you. So, here you go with the review:

First of all, we will talk about the fabric. Well, all of these dresses are based on three pieces, one shirt, one trouser and one dupatta. Shirts and bottoms for each dress are weaved softly in comfy lawn threads while you know, lawn fabric get creases quite easily which doesn’t look fair on dupata, thus, upper head material of this collection is readied in Chiffon stuff.

Moreover, all the dresses in RANG RASIYA Eid Collection 2019 are decorated with everything that’s required. Such as, blooming prints of floral patterns are adorned all over on shirts as well as on dupatta. These prints are used in such a thoughtful way, that you won’t be able to resist yourself for praising them.

Furthermore, embroideries have augmented the designing even more. Ethnic molds of verdant thread works are bordered all over along the shirts. On necklines herbaceous embroideries are needled in gentle way, to make each of the dress looking awesome. All with this, hem edges are also decorated with sylvan cross stitches.

Along with this, color palette is very eye sympathetic that even in hotter and eye-bruising days of summer they will provide very refreshing and comfy view to your glances. All lighter tones bricked with dusky pastels are there in RANG RASIYA Eid Collection 2019. Such as; luminous grey, lightest pink, sea green, divine white, cream, lemon, yellow, pistachio, rust and aqua.

You can check these designs at the end of this page, in the catalog of RANG RASIYA Eid Collection 2019

Now, let me tell you about the material this brand is offering you for each dress: so, you will get material in following form

  • Embroidered shirt
  • Dyed bottom
  • Chiffon dupatta

Well this would be enough to sew a stylish dress this year.

Last but not the least; you would be thinking about what is price of RANG RASIYA Eid Collection 2019, right? Well, I am going to reveal it now, Price for each RANG RASIYA Eid Collection 2019 dress is;

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