Now a day, 21st festival of MAMI film festival is celebrating by all Hollywood superstars. About all senior and young Bollywood actor and actress are marking their presence there. The big news of this event that Deepika is now chairperson of this festival. She is replaced with Amir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao. Deepika asked about that what is the difference between Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s acting style?

Ranbir or Ranveer? Deepika Exposes Whose Best?

After asking deepika about these two top rated super stars Ranbir or Ranveer? Deepika exposes whose best? She said that both of them have their own style and we can’t compete them with each other. She talked it in detailed and said that Ranbir has not a process, he is very natural. He never prepares for his role as like other actors. She said that in that respect, he is like me, because we normally do 50% rehearsal and do 50% natural acting.

While talking about her husband, she said that Ranveer gets into the process of any character. He changes according to any role. For example, if he has a role of car driver, he will change himself with driving clothes, shoes and perfumes too. That’s why, she never gets bored from him.

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