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At, we collect only such personal information from you that you are agreed to provide us. Anyhow, providing us, your, personal data isn’t mandatory as per out site’s policies but to enjoy our services, as a user, you are asked to provide some statics that include merely those points that never harm someone’s personal life. is purely designed to serve the fashion industry of Pakistan in order to facilitate and apprise the world with Pakistani culture, ethics and style.  For this cause we offer reviews and information about the top notch Pakistani brands. Because of the continuous exertion from our users to help them in online shopping, we have started this new online shopping option at

Note: We are neither manufacturers nor wholesalers in fact is just a Pakistani fashion site i.e. intended to provide you reviews about the famous Pakistani brands. Bulk stuff, we are selling you is directly purchased from the brand and offering you on cheaper rates. Our profit margin ratio is nominal and we also don’t own any complaint against the stuff of any brand.