Noor Bukhari Biography Pakistani Actress and Model

Noor Bukhari is a Lollywood actress, Tv actress and model of Pakistani media industry. Noor Bukhari is has a scandalized personality and often comes in news due to the number of her husbands and divorced issues.
In this article you will come to know about the journey of Noor Bukhari, she went through, to reach on this stage.
Noor Bukhari was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan on 3rd July, 1982. Noor bukhari enjoys zodiac sign Cancer. Noor completed her education from Lahore and started acting in the movies when she was a child.
Personal Life of Noor Bukhari
Noor’s personal life has always been very scandalized as she always comes in news due to her new marriages. Noor is daughter of Sheeraz bukhari and sister of newbie Pakistani actress Faria Bukhari.
4 Marriages of Noor Bukhari
Noor has been married four times to four different husbands and she gets bored with her husband in only some years and moves on to next husband.
Noor first got married to an Indian named Vikram in 2008. Vikram changed his religion to islam after marrying nor and his miuslim name was kept as waqas. Latterly she got divorced and a fight between the couple was on aired on Geo tv channel.
After her first marriage, Noor got married to Director and producer, Farooq mengal in 2010. This marriage also couldn’t longer for last and the couple was separated within four months of their marriage. Noor and her family claimed Mengal used to beat her randomly.
Later on, Noor married third time to a divorcee named Awn Chaudhry , who was son of two boys at that time. Noor married him and this marriage last a little longer and Noor became mother of a mother, Noor recently got divorced to her third husband and in june 2015, Noor married to Wali Khan, son of famous Pakistani singer hamid ali khan. Now we need to see for how long this marriage will last.
Noor started acting in the movies at the very early age of her life and played childhood roles of senior Lollywood actresses Reema, Drudana Rehman and Neeli. When, she become young and reached at her teen age, she started acting and adopted it as her primary profession. Noor did a number of movies for Pakistani cinema and a list is tabulated as below:

year Film Role Box office
2015 Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljala TBA Lollywood
2015 The Revenge of Worthless Cameo Lollywood
2011 Bhai Log Jia Lollywood
2008 Zill-e-Shah Kulosoom Lollywood (Punjabi)
2001 Moosa Khan Second lead Lollywood (Punjabi)
2000 Bili Supportive Lollywood (Horror)
2000 Ghar Kab Ao gay Amna Ghauri Lollywood
2000 Tere Pyar Main Supportive Lollywood
2000 Mujhay Chand Chahye Heroin Lollywood
1999 Jaan Jaan Pakistan Second lead Lollywood

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