Wedding season is upon us and girls are excited about dressing themselves up for night parties of Rasm e Hina. It is a night full of fun on which all girls and women of all age get together and produce merry music using a dholak and sing beautiful cultural songs in a sync. Girls apply different types of Mehndi’s on their hands to look beautiful and use different sorts of makeup to look beautiful and attractive to find the prince of their dreams. Anyway, all girls like appreciation and attraction in the social arena. They can achieve this easily by paying special attention to their eyes. Eyes are the most prominent feature in anyone’s face but especially on girls’ faces. Enhance your eyes just only a bit with the right kind of makeup and you will look like a princess.

There are many sorts of eye makeups but it would be a hard practice all of them. Stylee.PK can help you in this matter and just for that purpose, they have formed a step by step Night Party Eyes Makeup Tips for Rasm e Hina. These tips were formed by beauty experts.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. Use Ice on your eyes if they look puffy.
  2. Use a concealer to cover your spots.
  3. Use an eye brow pencil of high quality.
  4. Use it to define your eye brow.
  5. Use eyebrow brush to make your eyebrows prominent.
  6. Use your eyeshadow, but make sure to use a dark one because it’s a night party and this will make you stand out in the crowd.
  7. Use an eye liner to define your eyes.
  8. Use a black eye liner. You can use it to cateye or smokey eyes makeup.
  9. Use a heated lash curler on your eyes to let the eye lash curl remain longer.
  10. Use a mascara on your eye lash to make them stand out.

Follow these tips to the point and you will end up looking the most gorgeous girl in the crowd.

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