Ready to wear elegant fancy dresses are part of Morri Formal Wear Luxury Pret Spring/Summer Collection 2018.

Morri Formal Wear Luxury Pret Spring/Summer Collection 2018

This is festive, this is latest and this is one of a kind collection of the season. This is because it is readied with western cuts festooned with eastern touches. Designer has ventured with pure silk and chiffon fabric and enhanced it with latest stitchery of eastern cum western fashion. Brand has puréed the fabric more with elegant brocades of spiritual and esoteric designs sprinkled thoughtfully on shirts as well as bottoms. These brocades are neither extravagant nor lesser than needed in fact they as superfluous as required.

Moreover, Morri Formal Wear Luxury Pret Spring/Summer Collection 2018 is offered in 2 pc form. All the dresses are stitched in stylish way. Tailor have stitched necklines of the dress in different way and you will find tie styled neck, Angrakha styled gala, Patel styled gala with ban in the backside, V neck with a pinch one sided collar and ban styled neckline with small cut in front.

Along with this, sleeves of the shirts are also fashionably decorated. Styles for sleeves comprise half sleeves with knee lengthen net frills, tulip net sleeves, bell sleeves with rose like net opening, longer lengthen sleeves with ghera styled front opening and full net sleeves with embroideries on the edges. You can have a look at these explained styles at the end of this page where complete catalogue of Morri Formal wear is uploaded.

Moving further, if we talk about the pants styles, they’re also very different and stitched in all latest styles, such as in Morri Formal Wear Luxury Pret Spring/Summer Collection 2018 you will have Capri bottom with tulip like opening of edges, cigarette pants with lovely brocades on the cornerrs, tulip pants with shimmering sequins, bell bottom jacquard trousers and palazzo styled bottom with slight shape like sharara.


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Furthermore, let’s discuss colors of this collection. Well, colors available for the series are those which can be worn in the nights under light such as in dinner and late suppers as well as in day time functions like brunches and our door morning wedding events. These colors are fancy creamy white with maroon and zinc embroideries, indigo purple with dark silver embroideries and ribbons, royal blue with creamy brocades, and maroon with silver sequins. In the end black with white blends is part of the series.

In the end, you will look for the price of Morri Formal Wear Luxury Pret Spring/Summer Collection 2018 and it is yet to be revealed by the brand. Thus as quick as we will come to know about the prices, you will be updated.

Have a look at the collection now!

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