Minal Khan Biography Pakistani Actress and Model

Minal Khan Biography Pakistani Actress and Model

Minal khan is the most beautiful, stunning and bubbly actress of Pakistan. Her white tone, sharp features and bold plus confident attitude make her one of a kind actress on screen. lets read some more gossips and news from the real life of Minal Khan.


Minal khan was born on 22 November, 1998 along with her twin sister in the city of lights Karachi. both the sisters enjoy Sagittarius zodiac sign and love to hang out together.

Education and Schooling of Minal Khan

Minal khan completed her matriculation from Karachi and later started of her education in college. Along with her studies, minal also started acting and now she being loved by the audience on screen.

Personal Life of Minal Khan/ Parents/ Siblings

In personal life, Minal is a loving girl and talks about her “going to be spouse” Mustafa Dilpazeer openly. Her parents resides in Karachi and she has twin sister aiman khan who is also working in the Pakistani showbiz industry.

One thing, most people don’t know about Minal Khan is that she is in a relationship with Hina Dilpazeer’s son Mustafa Dilpazeer who is singer by profession. Mustafa Dilpazeer is the only son of Hina Dilpazeer and mother has no objections on his son’s choice. Moreover, the couple is soon going to be engaged but the news has been kept secret from media.


Minal Khan started in dramas some years back but a character that became her identity in the drama industry of Pakistan is Adhoori Aurat, in which she worked with different famous actors including Faisal Qureshi. From here she, journey in the showbiz started. She has played distinctive roles in many hit serials including

  • Adhoori Aurat
  • Qudoosi Sahab Ki Bewa
  • Gila kiss say karyn

Her career in the field of showbiz is still on the go and she is also enjoying good time in her personal life. Team stylee.pk wishes good luck and wishes to Minal khan for her personal life and upcoming projects.

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