Meesha Shafi Biography Pakistani Actress, Model and Singer

Meesha Shafi Biography Pakistani Actress, Model and Singer

Meesha Shafi a bohemian singer, a lover of aesthete belongs to a family of art lovers. Meesha depicted in an interview that she has been born and brought up in company of intellectuals as, many famous poets and writers like Faiz, Sadequain and Rahman. So, the art and astheticness is in her blood since she was born.

This article includes a lot more about Meesha shafi like from her personal life to professional life and from her interests to small quotes from her rare interviews.


Meesha shafi was born in the fogy days of starting December as her date of birth is 1st December, 1981. She spent her child hood at the city Lahore where she was born. She frittered through the roads of Lahore in a family filed with aesthetic brains, during her babyhood.

Meesha Shafi Education

Meesha is a graduate artistes and ex student of NCA Lahore. She was good in studying and never felt it a choc in her whole life. She could adopt science subjects but due to her keen interested in arts, she chose it as her majors. Meesha shafi went to following institutes in her life:

  • Lahore grammar school, she completed her A-Levels here
  • National college of arts (NCA) Lahore, degree of Arts

Along with this, meesha shafi is a blogger too and often shares her thoughts, ideas and journey, she went through, on her blog.

Meesha Shafi’s Personal Life, Parents and Siblings

Meesha is the daughter of famous and legendary Pakistani actress, Saba hameed, who is famous for her role Sunbul, in blockbuster hit sitcom Family Front. Her father belongs to Syed family and his name is Syed Pervaiz Shafi. Waseem abbas is her step father while Agha Ali and Ali Sikanadar are cousins of Meesha. Moreover, she had one real brother Faris Shafi and all the family members of meesha almost belong to field of showbiz.

Meesha Shafi Marriage

Meesha is happily married to Mahmood Rehman, who is a guitarist at “Overload” music group. One interesting thing about this couple is, they married twice with each other and now blessed with a doll and prince named janevi Mehmood and Kazimir Mehmood. Here is the bulleted Family chart of Meesha shafi:

  • Hameed Akhtar (Maternal grandfather)
  • Inayata Hussain Bhatti (paternal grandfather)
  • Saba Hameed (Mother)
  • Syed Pervaiz Shafi (Father)
  • Faris Shafi (brother)
  • Waseem abbas (step father)
  • Agha abbas Ali and Ali Sikanadar (cousions)
  • Mahmood Rahman (spouse/ Husband)
  • Janevi Mahmood (Daughter)
  • Kazimir Mahmood (Son)

Showbiz Career

As, almost all the family members of Meesha Shafi belong to field of showbiz, so starting at here wasn’t a bedlam for her. Meesha entered in this world at age of 17 years old.


Meesha started as model and performer and appeared in music video for the very first time, song called “Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena” and the singer is Jawad Ahmed. This video was smashed hit and it opened the doors of success for meesha in the field of modeling. Besides this, meesha walked the ramp for famous designer of Pakistan and internationally. Up till now meesha has appeared in numerous music videos, commercials and modeling events, a list is bulleted as below:

  • Brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris Pakistan(2011)
  • On cover page of L’Official
  • On cover page Vogue (india)

Did Commercials for

  • Coca-Cola
  • Fanta
  • LG Mobile Phones
  • Mobilink
  • Allied Bank
  • Lipton Tea


Meesha Shafi is a versatile celeb of Pakistani media industry, from being model, to singer and from acting to comedy; she has showed her talent in almost all the fields. Moreover, meesha isn’t only known inside the borders for her acting in fact this girl has spotted as a talented actress across the borders and in Hollywood as well. Meesha made her acting debut with Mira Nair’s Hollywood movie “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”. In this movie she played a supporting role with character name Bina Khan. This movie earned moderate success on box office. After that Meesha appeared in the bollywood and Lollywood movies as well. A list is tabulated as below:

Year Movie Role Box office
2014 The Tournament of Shadows TBA Hollywood
2013 Waar Zoya Lollywood, (blockbuster hit)
2013 Bhaag Meekha Bhaag PeriZaad Bollywood
2013 The Reluctant Fundamentalist Bina Khan Hollywood


Meesha got a echoed voice that is very rarely found in female singers, this thing makes her exceptional and one point above to the other female vocalists of Indo-Pak as well as Hollywood. She has sung many songs in Coke studio seasons and did many solo songs as well. Moreover, her one song EVA is going to be featured in upcoming Lollywood movie Moor. Composer for this song is String Band and this song is getting huge response even with the teasers.

Year Song Solo / duet Additional notes
2015 EVA Movie Moor Originally Sung by Meesha Shafi
Coke Studios
2010 Chori Chori Duet Originally Sung by Raishma
2010 Alif Allah Duet Originally Sung by Arif Lohar
2012 Dasht-e-Tanhai Duet Originally Sung by Iqbal Bano
2012 Ishq Aap Bhi Awalla Duet Originally Sung by Chakwal Group
2014 Sun Ve Balori Duet Originally Sung by Noor Jahan
Overload Music Band
2009 Pichal Pairee Overload Model in the video Meesha Sahfi
2012 The Reluctant Fundamentalist Movie Hollywood movie

Meesha has yet a lot to do, so, team wishes her good luck for future plans!

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