Eid Ul Adha is a great religious festival in Pakistan and is celebrated widely around the world. In this event, everyone is busy in shopping different things. In the case of girls, dresses, accessories, jewelry and makeups are the top priority of shopping. They do so to make themselves look beautiful on Eid and attract everyone’s attention in social arena. Undoubtedly, makeup can boost up the features and appearance but according to the Pakistani culture the best way to embellish yourself keeping the traditions under consideration is by applying Mehndi on your hands. It will help blossom your beauty and attract to the utmost level.

Mehndi comes in a cone shaped tube with a pointy end with a small hole in it. It oozes out of the front upon pressure from backwards. It is thick brown colored paste which leaves it imprint on your skin. If you make designs using Mehndi then it will leave exactly a same replica on your skin, its color depending on the amount of time you let it remain on your skin before you washed it off.

You can make different beautiful designs on your skin and you can get creative as well. You can make round shape or curves, edged curves or use simple dots of Heena to decorate your hand. However, if you are in need of assistance then Team Stylee.PK has compiled a Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs Gallery for Eid Ul Adha 2015.

Are you interested to know about the Pakistani designs? What is the difference between Arabic Mehndi designs and Pakistani Mehndi designs? First of all, Pakistani designs depict Pakistani culture while Arabic mehndi designs depict their own Arabic culture. Regardless of the cultural depictions these Mehndi designs have been adopted by lots of women all around the globe. Besides this, Pakistani mehndi designs are not as much intricate as Arabic Mehndi designs are.

On Eid festivals, wedding ceremonies and Mehndi event, girls prefer Pakistani mehndi designs because they are very simple to make and yet are eye catching. You don’t even need a Mehndi expert to apply it on your hands. You can just apply it yourself but you just need to be a little subtle. With practice you will get better.

Below are the Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Eid Ul Adha 2015! Check them out and choose your favorite design! Happy Eid in Advance!

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