Lala Textiles Collection


Lala Textile

Lala Textile began as a simple trading house in 1947 and over the years has expanded to encompass four retail brands which provide available summer, midsummer and winter fabric ranges to women all over Pakistan; which are Lala classic, and Sana & Samia. It was the great thinking of Lala retail due to which it first began its consumer retail in 1972. Lala brand with over 50 years of expertise are now providing top quality material throughout Pakistan. Lala classic is the first brand to become a market force this quick due to its focus on unique style and a fine experience of understanding the right colors. After the success of their first consumer label, Lala brand founded another niche label Sana & Samia. It has further encompassed Celebre and Magnifique – collection of exclusive midsummer embroidered chiffon. Besides this, Kesa and Le Femme are also a part of the House of Lala. As of now, Lala is available nationwide in all top cities of Pakistan. Lala brand is reknowned for its designs, good quality and a big range of collections.

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