Black shade empowers a mysterious yet magnificent essence to your personality and allows yourself to rule the world and Komal Mid-Summer Black Collection for Eid and Wedding Nights is here to shimmer the darken times in an eccentric way.

These elegant black dresses are offered in the intensive cambric fabric weaved in the blackish threads. There is a myth about this tone od dark hue that, if you wear black dress you looks thinner than the earlier and the myth has been proven by the time and observations that black hue do make you look smarter.

Moreover, this color is printed with white, grayish, luminous tone of yellows and rust color. By all foresaid colors, LSM Fabrics has created an exotic and exquisite color palette on their Komal Mid-Summer Black Collection for Eid and Wedding Nights. You will find, ethnic, cultural and botanical prints on the shirts and dupattas of the fabric.

Furthermore, the collection is measured in sufficient units so you can make a stylish dress for the season. I am mentioning it because you know that, main problem while designing a dress became its fabric like if it is shorter it can be enough to design your dress the way you like. But, it won’t happen if you are purchasing Komal Mid-Summer Black Collection for Eid, its measured fabric is bulleted as below:

1.25 meter printed cambric shirtfront

1.25 meter printed cambric back

1 pair sleeves

2.5 meter printed dupatta

2.5 meter dyed cambric lower

All the shirts are printed and weaved mainly in back stuff but a little interlacing of other shades is also there to give each dress a sole look. Just check the catalog of Komal by LSM 2015 for Eid, once and you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in the love of these dresses.

Last but main question that is remains to be explained yet is, what is the price of Komal Mid-Summer Black Collection for Eid and Wedding Nights? Well prices are very affordable and very less than other brands, offered uniformly for all the dresses i.e.

PKR 2,400 only

Now check the images and order through, whatever dress you want to purchase.

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