Finally, the wait is over and King Khan talks about the Joker movie in AskSRK. Let’s have a look on the movie and thought of SRK on this movie.

Todd Phillip’s latest movie The Joker is released on October 4, 2019 and it is has broken the records of many top rated and famous movies business on launching. Fans of Joker has sent praise and best wishes to Joaquin Phoenix all over the world. After seeing its fame and popularity worldwide, it is predicted to win Oscar award next year.

King Khantalks about the Joker movie 2019 in AskSRK

Not only fans, but top movie stars from all over the world are also talking about this movie and sharing their thoughts on social media. In the season of #AskSRK on Twitter, he was asked by a fan to say some words on the top grossing Bollywood movie The Joker 2019, and king khan shared his thoughts about the joker movie 2019 and appreciate Joaquin on its ever best performance in this movie.

While talking in #AskSRK, Shah Rukh Khan also shared his thoughts about the appreciations from his fans that how they like its cinema choice. At the end of this season, SRK has ended it by letting his fans that he has to spend time with his wife and girl to celebrate the birthday of his daughter.

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