We are here with a good news for all lovers of SRK that finally king khan shah Rukh Khan will announce his new project in 1 month.

Do you remember when did you see Shah rush Khan last in a movie? King Khan was last seen in his movie Zero with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. The movie was successful at box-office and King Khan received huge love from his fans all over the world for his amazing performance.

King Khan Shah Ruskh Khan Upcoming Projects

Few weak ago, there were lot of fake news was on social media that SRK is doing a role in upcoming unknown movies but all of those news were dies when Shah Rukh Khan clear it in his tweet that the news about his upcoming projects only come true when he by himself announce it, otherwise all news about his projects and role in upcoming movies are totally fake.

Now, finally King Khan has revealed the news about his upcoming projects at Ted Talks India Event. He said that he is working on 2-3 scripts and soon they will ready. He also said that his upcoming projects will on the topics of Tarzan and Jane and he really want to perfume as Tarzan in movie. He confirmed that in 1-2 month he will announce his upcoming projects officially.

In short, the superstar Shah Rukh Khan is focusing on production now a day and we’ll come to know about his new projects in coming few weak as King Khan Shah Rukh Khan will announce his new project in 1 month.

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