It’s time to look more fabulous on this Eid with Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Embroidered Dresses, this collection contains wide range of striking outfits, which has crafted according to the latest fashions, let’s check the styles and designs of this fancy Eid collection 2016.


Khaadi has offered 2-pieces and 3-pieces unstitched dress in this collection, these dresses has made with cool and quality fabrics of Lawn, Silk and Chiffon, shirts and trousers of these dresses has made with comfy fabric of Lawn, while you will get Lawn, Chiffon and Silk dupatta with different outfits of this collection.

Styles & Designs of Khaadi Eid Collection 2016:

Khaadi is known as a famous Pakistani fashion industry, they always present amazing dresses on any festival like Eid, New Year etc, which has has crafted with quality fabrics, charming prints and modern silhouettes, at this time they have introduced wide variety of fancy embroidered Eid dresses in latest Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Embroidered Dresses.

You will find vast varieties of fancy Eid outfits in this collections, that’s why Khaadi has further divide this collection in following categories:

Khaadi Print Blast Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Tropical Paradise Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Flower Garden Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Fluidity of Florals Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Epitome of Sophistication Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Indian Glory Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Impactful Suzani Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Contrasting Chintz Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Folk Florals Collection Eid 2016
Khaadi Infinite Splendor Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Modern Bouquet Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Blossoming Vines Eid Collection 2016
Khaadi Dispersed Shibori Eid Collection 2016

Designers of Khaadi has printed artistic patterns on the dresses of this collection, the combination of artistic flowery and geometric prints has made these outfits classier and enchanting, back side of many shirts has crafted with contrast patterns of front side, while similar prints has also crafted on the back side of some shirts and sleeves of this Eid collection, delightful patterns has also printed on the dupattas of these dresses, while you will get dyed trouser with single dress of this latest Eid collection 2016.

It is not possible that an Eid special dress has made without embroidered work, so Khaadi has strikingly embellished the front side of shirts with fancy embroideries, these embroideries has made every dress of this collection fancies and perfect for you to wear on this Eid, you will find following embroideries in Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Embroidered Dresses.

  • Embroidered Neckline
  • Embroidered Panel
  • Embroidered Bunches
  • Embroidered Motifs
  • Embroidered Border
  • Fancy Laces
  • Swarovski Buttons


Every dress of this Eid collection has delightfully melded in artistic combinations of cheerful colors like Lemon, Red, Baby Pink, Ash Gray, Skin, Sea Green, Sky Blue, Shocking Pink, Aqua, Black, Zinc, Beige and Purple.

Price Range:

The price of these stylish fancy Eid dresses will announce soon, so keep visit us at to get updates about the price of Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Embroidered Dresses.

It is all about the elegances of this latest Eid collection 2016 by Khaadi, if you really want to wear something exclusive in which you look classy in the crowd of your family and friends on this Eid, Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Embroidered Dresses is one of the best option for you, have a look on the images of this collection here for better, pick any dress to make yourself dazzling on this Eid with Khaadi. Happy Eid.

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