This is not for fashion in fact for the modesty of women, Junaid Jamshed has launched Junaid Jamshed New Ladies Black Abbaya Collection 2015.

Abayas, Hijabs and Islamic clothing enable women to cover up themselves to get protected from the cheapness of the surroundings. Non-Muslims especially in west take view this covering of muslim women in a contemptuous way but they don’t know their nuns and Mothers plus sisters in churches use head coverings. Moreover, anybody belongs to any religion try to hide his/her precious and costly stuff hidden from others and in Islam, gave women the most prestigious and precious position and so it offers them to hide themselves.

Moreover, it is not a compulsion on women in fact it is something which is good for woman as hiding herself increase her confidence and makes her personality indigenous and majestic for the males staring her. History is witness of fact that as people perceived awareness they started covering themselves. So, launching such collections not only increase the modesty of women but also promulgate the name of islam around the globe.

Anyhow, in Junaid Jamshed New Ladies Black Abbaya Collection 2015 you will find excellently stiched abayas along with head scarf and hijab for covering. The brand has used very fine fabric for these abayas which not only covers yourself but doesn’t let you feel hardness of the hot weather. On the fabric, elegant patterns are crafted luminously which comprising leaves, flowers, and vein printing.

Furthermore, some abayas are available in 2 colors such as on black color elegant skin colored fabric patches are attached to provide these abayas a different look.  Along with this, they are available in black and gray color.

If you want a simple gown and doesn’t need kind of emblazonment over them then Junaid Jamshed New Ladies Black Abbaya Collection 2015 also has stuff for you. Just checkout the images of the collection in the end of this article and decide which abayas you want to purchase.

Last but not the least, price of Junaid Jamshed New Ladies Black Abbaya Collection 2015, let me reveal that. Well, J. is a costly brand and they always charge very high prices for their clothing stuff in men and women wears so, same thing you will examine in this collection as it is price is lying between:

  • PKR 9,000 to PKR 10,500

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