Teen ager girls get attentive because to make them look fashionable and chic Junaid Jamshed Mid Summer Mania Teens Collection 2015 is now in stores with ethnic varieties and blossoming colors.

In this collection, beautifully stitched tunics are included in lawn fabric i.e. adorned with juvenile patterns of printing and embroideries. Along with this fresh hues and modern color palettes are stroked over these dresses making Junaid Jamshed Mid Summer Mania Teens Collection 2015, one of a kind collection of this season.

It usually happens that teen ager girls are mostly ignored by the designers and so shop either womanly dresses or some western wears in order to make their style as per their age but in this way, mostly they don’t get the exact style of their time. But as now Junaid Jamshed Mid Summer Mania Teens Collection 2015 is here, so get the dresses stitched specially for you, teens.

Moreover, this collection is offered in two forms such as two piece dresses and three piece dresses, both the varieties are stitched and offering you:

  • Knee length shirts
  • Thigh length shirts
  • Straight pants
  • Tights
  • Capri trousers
  • Duappata

 Along with this, colors are so bright and interlaced with darken hues and by doing so beautifying Junaid Jamshed Mid Summer Mania Teens Collection 2015 even more. colors include; zebra printed thigh lengthen shirt with yellow necklace, blue with white checked shirt with zebra printed black and white sleeves, pink, orange and yellow twisted together in knee length shirt with black and white check sleeves and orange bud back, black and white check with pink roses, parrot green sleeved shirt in gray with purple lace and duaptta, parrot green check shirt with peach arms and pink dupatta.

Last but not the least things remains are that, what is the price of Junaid Jamshed Mid Summer Mania Teens Collection 2015. Well prices are, as usual, quite much as they are;

PKE 2,785 to PKR 4,185

For a better view of the collection we have attached images of this collection at the end of this article, so get a view and decide which dress you want this season and for further information, keep checking us on facebook and here at stylee.pk.

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