ShrutiHaasan recently revealed about her break up with his ex-boyfriend Michael Cosale. Now, she opened up about another secret of her life about drugs and alcohol addiction. It’s a shocking news for her fans and really want to know is ShrutiHaasan a Drug and Alcohol Addicted?

Is ShrutiHaasan a Drug and Alcohol Addicted?

Recently, in a conversation while she was attending a show, she disclosed that she is addicted to alcohol from many months and now she is facing some serious issues about her health. When asked about her health issues, she didn’t response about it.

She also didn’t mention that from how much time she is addicted to alcohol? But fans are saying she may start alcohol after or before her break up. As it is common to take light drugs after break up, but she didn’t disclose that from how much time she is an alcohol addict.

Moreover, she opens up about her health issues and said that due to too much alcohol, now she is facing some serious health issues and she is willing to take serious treatment very soon. She never told anything that which type of health issues she is facing due to alcohol.

She said that she is not well and didn’t tell anybody about it. She thought it is her personal matter and she is not willing to share it with outsiders. She will soon take medication and treatment of it to heal herself.

We wish her very good health, so that she will recover from all of her health issue soon and continue her career to entertain her fans.

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