Here we are with complete tutorial of How To Tightlining Your Eyes with Eyeliner. Eyes are one of the most important attractive part of body. If you are going to makeup, you must know about the type of your eyes and which type of eyeliner color suit for your eyes. First, let’s check the difference between Tightlining and Eyeliner.

Tight Lining and Eyeliner:

In actual, Tightlining is a tricky type of eyeliner technique. Tight Lining gives you such sort of makeup that you can say, “I am not wearing any makeup effect on eyes”. it shows your lash line more pretty and makes your eyes look slightly brighter. In Tight Lining you use eyeliner in between the lashes of your eyes to make your eyes more attractive.

How To Tightlining Your Eyes with Eyeliner?

It’s not too much tricky to tight lining on your eyes with eyeliner. So, are you ready to make your eyes dazzling as possible? Just follow the following steps to know How To Tightlining Your Eyes with Eyeliner?

  • Sit in comfortable position or stand in front of the mirror.
  • Pick the eyeliner in your hand.
  • Use light touch and steady hand.
  • Raise your chin and place your finger on the outer corner of eye.
  • Lift the corner of your eye upward.
  • Hold eyeliner carefully in your hand in vertical position.
  • Carefully apply liner on the root of your eyes.
  • Apply the eyeliner carefully deep in to the lashes at the corner of your eye by moving the pencil inward.
  • Same above, apply the eyeliner on the lashes of your eyes.
  • Carefully apply eyeliner on the waterline of your eyes. Waterline is the rim, where the eyelid of your eyes meets with your eyes.
  • Now, it’s clean up time, use a cotton wipe to erase any mess around your eyes.


  • If you want to keep your eyeliner for long-lasting, we suggest to use waterproof eyeliner.
  • For intense shade of color at the root of your eyes, it’s better to use creamy eyeliner.


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