It is a fact upon which we all can agree on, that girls like to look beautiful and attract attention to themselves in a party occasion. They keep storing every tip and trick in their arsenal they can find to make themselves look pretty and ostentatious. But there is a catch, what about summer days when there is so much heat and dampness. What if your makeup didn’t hold up? Summer season is a menace for makeup. The sweat can destroy your makeup and leave ugly patches over your skin not to forget the fact that sun radiations can kill your healthy skin cells. Do not worry because with the help of latest inventions in makeup team Stylee.PK has found beauty tips and tricks that will help you explain how to do party makeup for summer days?

Stay with us throughout the article and you will get to know some awesome secrets about summer makeup!

Skin Care Remedies

Because of the excessive heat during summer season your skin looks dry and parched. If you care about your skin and want your skin to remain soft and smooth than you must use summer blocks. If you do not follow this remedy and don’t use sun screen on your screen then harmful rays of sun may have adverse effect on your skin and may leave patches. If you use a sun screen by any brand of your liking, but make sure to use one with less oil product, it will make your skin smooth and clear. Also don’t use foundations, sizzle powder or anything on your face. Just wash your face thoroughly then wipe it off with a cotton dabbed in cleansing milk. Then wash your face with a soft towel and apply some waterproof base to lighten up your face. Using blush on your cheeks to your liking with a brush and remember to blush your sides of forehead and chin as well.

Party Makeup Tips for Summer Days (1)
Face Makeup In Summer

How to Apply Makeup On Eyes In Summer?

For your eyes, you can use highlighters instead of eye liners to define your eyes but be very subtle. Instead of normal everyday use mascara, use a waterproof mascara which will hold on your eye lashes even with sweat. Use waterproof eye shadow as well on your eye lids. Follow these steps and you will end up with gorgeous eyes.

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Eye Makeup Method In Summer Days

Lips Makeup Method In Summer

As for your lips, do not use gloss in summer. Avoid using it if you are tempted because it is considered as a vulgar act. Just use a simple lipstick and make sure to not use dark colors.

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How to apply Lipstick in Summer Days?

How to Make your Nails Sizzling?

As for your nails, just use simple nail polish then use colorless base coat and you are done.

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Cool Simple Nails In Summer

These are all the party makeup tips in summer days that girls must follow! Follow these tips and tricks and you will surely have the best summer ever!

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