Recently Shah Rukh Khan joined a Q&A season on twitter with his fans. People are badly waiting how has Shah Rukh Khan replied to his fans in #AskSRK session?

King Khan is not only known as a legend actor, he is also well known due to his sense of humor. He has showed his good sense of humor many times in live shows, chats and interviews. But it is the first time, when he was available to his fans publically on social media season AskSRK.

How Has Shah Rukh Khan Replied to His Fans in #AskSRK Session

In his live season of Q&A, he has again displayed his quality of humor while replying to the live questions from his fans on Twitter.

It is appreciated that Shah Rukh Khan has replied all questions posted by his fans on Twitter. He never forgot the respective behavior of talking with fans. He replied to the questions with gentle and fun too, as they were asked by his fans.

People are enjoying the way how has Shah Rukh Khan replied to his fans in #AskSRK session. Funniest scene was captured from this live season when a fan posted a question that when did he injure with the dumbest way?

King Khan laughed on the question and then answered that one he was injured by riding on the back of camel and he thinks that it is the dumbest way to get injured.

Moreover, people posted hundreds of question of different types and Shah Rukh Khan replied all questions according to their nature but he also added fun chat whenever some tried to make fun with him in questions of #AskSRK.

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