Today is the birthday of legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. People are curious about how does Big B want to celebrate his 77th birthday? Let’s check Amitabh thoughts on his birthday celebration.

How does Big B want to celebrate his 77th birthday?

On the 77th birthday of Big B, most of his fans think that he should celebrate this occasion with lot of fun and grand party, as a superstar should do. But on other hand, majority of people are saying that he should celebrate his 77th birthday with simplicity. Nobody can judge what will happen on this big even of Amitabh Bachchan;s life till he opens up about it.

When Amitabh asked about it, he said that here is nothing special to celebrate because it’s a normal day for him like other days. He is thankful that he his body is still in working condition and he doing well in his life with good health.

He also said on the insist of his family, he would like to celebrate his 77th birthday with simplicity without the rush of people.

He also said that he wishes to learn lot of other languages and he really don’t want to remake of his movies, as many directors are remaking old movies.

His fans are wishing him love and respect on social media and praying for his good health and happy life ahead.

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