Nature and sceneries always touches your soul and sway it to be pleasant, same thing is with the floral prints of a dress and House of Ittehad Piano EidulAzha Collection 2015 is embedded completely with herbaceous garden. Along with this, blossoming color palette is also there to suckle your moods with freshness and suck the distress out. What else House of Ittehad Piano Eid Collection 2015 is reported below:

Firstly, let’s talk about the fabric and measured yards of the House of Ittehad Piano collection 2015: this collection is mainly comprising 3 piece suits offered in the longer lengths because mostly girls like to wear long shirts. Anyhow, if you want to make a trendy dress with knee length shirt, you can make itas well, just stich the fabric just the way you like it.

Measured Yards of House of Ittehad Piano 3 PC suits are bulleted as below:

  • 3 meter long printed lawn shirt
  • 2.5 meter long dyed bottom
  • 2.5 meter lawn dupatta

Secondly, fabric of House of Ittehad Piano Collection 2015 is adorned with the blossoming verdure prints, crafted in different patterns such as floral, tribal, digital and coloring veins shapes. Along with this, exuberant color arrangements are also there to refresh your moods and personality in a descent way. Colors include,brown, beige, pink, green, gray, beige, zinc, blue, purple, golden, lilac, red, blue, hot pink, farozi, aqua, peach, mehndi, brown, tea pink and copper.

Above mentioned colors of are further adorned with the prints of opposite colors and some dresses include piano styled, black and white prints (zebra prints) in check form and for that the collection is entitled as the House of Ittehad Piano EidulAzha Collection 2015. You can also check these colors and designs in the images given at the end of this article to get a better view of the HouseofittehadEidCollectoin.

Lastly, let me tell you, these dresses will be proven to be the best economical choice for the midsummer season because their prices are less than other designer brands. Now, you will be thinking, what is the price of House of Ittehad Piano EidulAzha Collection 2015? Well prices are lying between:

  • PKR 1,275 to PKR 1,350 only

So, folks this was all about the latest collection from the renowned clothing brand of Pakistan House OF Ittehad, we have reviewed some more brands as well and you can check all of them by visiting us at

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