Muslim calendar’s New Year starts with the month of grief muharram where everything starts to get black and uncolored to depict the sadness and GulAhmed Black & White Collection 2015 Specially for Muharram is designed for this.

Moreover, as you know month of Muharram is approaching to us in the winter season thus gul ahmed fall winter collection in black and white is offered in the thick fabric of Khaddar. This fabric is readied by weaving the cotton threads on khadi while origin of this fabric is Faisalabad, Pakistan. So, this thickened collection of black and white dresses by Gul Ahmed is going to help you whole season of winter.

Furthermore, in GulAhmed Black & White Collection 2015 Specially for Muharram you will find 3 piece suits that are based on pure jet black color and adorned with white prints, patterned in the ethnic styles. You will find printed patterns on the cotton shirts and cotton dupattas. Prints are drawn around neckline, hemline plus bottom edges of sleeves whereas ubiquitous patterns are also crafted on some shirts and dupattas are also interlaced with whitish drawings.

Along with this, fabric is measured in the longer yards enugh to make a sober dress for muharram. Measurements are detailed as below:

  • 2.5 meter long printed khaddar shirt
  • 2.5 meter printed cotton dupatta
  • 2.5 meter dyed bottom (shalwar)

Available colors are only 2 i.e. black and white but all the dresses are decorated with different patterns which is providing all the apparels of GulAhmed Black & White Collection 2015 for winter, sole appearance. You can check the prints in the images given at the end of this article as we have uploaded a complete catalogue of Gul Ahmed Black and white winter collection.

Finally, price of GulAhmed Black & White Collection 2015 Specially for Muharram is offered for equally for all the available attires i.e.

  • PKR 2,800

Now before making a purchase, must check out the images and if you have still got some confusions or questions, you can freely write to us at Including to this, if you want to buy any dress, purchase it through to get it on best market rates.

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  • Aasia
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    Please let me know how to view the black and white Muharram collection.

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