After ruling clothing niche excellently, Gul Ahmed has earned their wings to a new milestone by presenting their Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes & Bags for Eid and Casual Wear 2015.

This assemblage, of Fashionable bags and trendy shoes,hit the market at very right and most needed time and so teasers of this congregation of shoes and begs went viral on the internet just within single day of their take-off. Best thing of this Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes & Bags 2015 is that, they have tentered begs and shoes with same designing and alike adornments to make them go with your eid look.


First of all,Gul Ahmed latest begs for eidulazha are available in all sizes and designs. And you will find everything here like from tiny stone worked clutches to every day women-wallets and from student shoulder begs to professional begs for casual use. It include, clutches, bowling bags, box wallet, doctor bags, Duffle bags, mini messenger bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, satchel begs, hobo bags and formal bags.

All the Gul Ahmed Designer Bags for Eid and Casual Wear 2015are stuffed in the high class leather, polyester, faux fur plus velvet and the material is further adorned with the eastern and ethnic emblazonments such as silk patches, embroideries, digital and floral prints, bead work and stonework etc. you will also find handmade bags in this collection and choice will be yours like which you want to purchase.


On the second place I would like to tell you about the comfortable and chic Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes for Eid and Casual Wear 2015: In the shoes collection, you will find sandals and chappals that you can wear casually on Eidand add them like your everyday wears as well. Moreover, material, of the soles and upper head of the shoes, is used in a very comfortable manners and is very lenient and stuffy that it won’t harm or itch your feet while wearing them on.

Comprising to this, coloring and emblazonments of Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes for Eid and Casual Wear 2015 are same like begs to appeal your look in a different way. Such as, you will find embroideries, prints, tilla work, laces and ribbons alongside the soles of the shoes. Colors are very elegant and perfect to compel your eid dresses.

Moreover, you know it has been conventional and old to get a matching dress in fact these days divergent stuff is in trends, but Gul Ahmed has changed the scenario by presenting couple designs for begs and shoes. In Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes & Bags for Eid 2015 you will find pairs of shoes with matching sacks.Thus, now you can find a perfect match for your fashionable dressing for the up-coming carnival, by having Gul ahmed begs for eid and Gul Ahmed Shoes for eid.

Futhremore, you will find a number of designs and articles in Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes & Bags for Eid and Casual Wear 2015 that you will be able to wear not only on EidulAzha in fact you can use them as casual wears and party wears as well.

In the end, you would like to know, what is the price of Gul Ahmed Designer Shoes & Bags for Eid and Casual Wear 2015, right? Well prices are a bit lesser than before as they have cut down the prices a little.

Price of begs is depending upon its size and adornments over them and it is lying bwteen:

  • PKR 1,500 to PKR 3,985 only

Price of shoes is depending upon the style and of course the decorative material over them and it is lying between:

  • PKR 1,200 to PKR 1,500 only

Now before leaving this page, check out the images and Gul Ahmed magazine featuring shoes and bags given at the end of this page and also let us know if you want to purchase any of the uploaded stuff on our site and yeah, Happy Zilhajjah Moon to our all precious readers.

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