Preparations for eid festival has taken heights and most of the brands have already introduced their festal collections but Firdous Embroidered Dresses Festive Collection 2015 has booked sometime to introduced their dress collections for eid. But this wait is now over and has proven to be in your favor because Firdous has introduced the most lavish and most extravagant collection for Eid 2015.

It is going to be the most distinct and antithetic capsule of dresses because of its georgette stuff that has not been used, in the eid collections, by any designer so far. Georgette itself is the lushest fabric i.e. mostly used in the dresses to wear on big events like Marriage Ceremonies, Walima Receptions and profligate get-togethers. But Firdous has adorned this effusive stuff even more by crafting twinkling artwork over them.

Twinkling artwork includes, luminous appliqued patterns of gold threads, flora and fauna and ethnic styles are also platted on these shirts. Along with this, velvet motifs, silk patches and chiffon fabric has also been used on the georgette uppers to Firdous Embroidered Dresses 2015 seemly for the event, even more.

Moreover, dyed inners and dyed bottoms are also part of Firdous Embroidered Dresses Festive Collection 2015 that are stuffed in the soften fabric in order to make it a relaxing clothing series. All with this, Firdous Embroidered Dresses are completely stitched and ready to wear. You can also ask for the alteration of these dresses as per your body measurement while placing your order, either online or on physical shops.

Further, opulent pastels have also been stroked on the shirts, bottoms and georgette uppers cross stitched with threads in juxtaposed hues. Colors include: gray combined with pink, gray combined with yellow, icy turquoise combine with brown, brown combined with black velvet appliques, mint, peach, beige and skin.

Lastly, you would like to know about the price of this luxurious collection that on what pricesFirdous Embroidered Dresses Festive Collection 2015 will be available to you. Well price for this collection can be considered reasonable and low if you compare them with other designer collection is chiffon and silk fabrics. Prices of Firdous embroidered dresses for Eidis:

  • PKR 6,850 for each proposed dress.

Before leaving the page, you can check the catalogue of Firdous Embroidered Dresses Festive Collection 2015, to check the designs of the dresses. You can also contact us for queries and purchases of the dresses of any brand.

Happy shopping!!

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