A designer range that doesn’t include pret shirts is can’t be considered complete but that’s just not Firdous’s style and Firdous Eid ul Azha Festive Kurti Collection 2015 is now available in stores. In this article I will be discussing the bits and bobs and everything about Firdous Eid ul Azha Festive Kurti Collection 2015 with Price.

More importantly, you need to know that these kurtis are weaved and interlaced in the most fashiobale and stylish manners, from dress art to dress knitting and from fabric to stitching everything is just wow and alluring about Firdous Kurtis 2015. Let me discuss everything with you one by one!

At the outset, fabric of these shirts is of interlaced in the two types of i.e. Cambric and Cotton and both the stuffs are suitable to wear in the fall season of autumn. This is because, when the earth eyes meet with the sky of autumn, it gets everything to go grayish and desiccated which affects your moods and temperaments to an extent. So, you need to dress up in a way that boost you up and makes you feel ravishing and refresh and this is what Firdous Eid ul Azha Festive Kurti Collection 2015.

Moreover, fabric is decorated with the natural flowering gardens, rosemary prints, khadi prints, start prints and flora motifs.Conceding to this, exquisite embroideries are also crafted over these shirts to make them suitable to wear on eid day and other functions. Furthermore, color palette is very rich and refreshing and very wise combination of hues is stroked on Firdous Eid Festive Kurti Collection 2015. These include, pink, gray, green, hot pink, beige, mustard, white, brown and multi shades in a single shirt.

After above discussion,let’s discuss Firdous Eid ul Azha Festive Kurti Collection 2015 with price. Well prices are mentioned below and after reading that tell us if they are low, high or normal, by commenting in the box below, price is same for all the pieces and i.e.

  • PKR 2,450

Price for all the exposed articles and to sum-up, just check the images of the collection given below and order us for the dress you like to purchase as stylee.pk is always available at your service.

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