Faraz Manan the classy brand has launched their sumptuous designs in Faraz Manan Luxury Silk / Chiffon Eid ul Azha Collection 2015. This time, Faraz Manan has strategized to provide their luxurious collection for eid in the mild and gentle fabric of jacquard by adorning it with gardening and botanical emblazonments.

You all know, jacquard fabric is not only looks solely sober but also provide very placid and soothing affect to your body. Along with this,another specialty of jacquard is that, it’s weaved cloths compel every season and every weather of Pakistan such as, you can wearthem in the summers, springs and even in the fall season of the year. Furthermore, this fabric is also considered as the reliable one because of its good quality threads and can be interlaced with heavy emblazonments without any hesitation.

But, faraz manan has done so many experiments with the jacquard stuff in their Luxury Silk / Chiffon Eid collection by weaving it together with silky taffeta and crunching chiffon fabric. For instance, on all the exposed garments you will find silk patches and chiffon decorations. This capsule of luxurious cloths, also includegold and silver embroideries with heavy duty tilla and dabka work.

Moreover, embroidered patterns are lush, unique and thoughtful, completed with a sense of aestheticism include, golden flora patterns, purple appliques, pink flowering garden, gold tilla embroideries and white botanic veins. Further opulent color scheme has adorned the collection even more and Faraz Manan Crescent Silk / Chiffon Eid ul Azha Collection 2015 is offering you a rich color palette to wear on eid that includes, green, beige, pink, gray, mustard, plumb, golden and black hues.

Most importantly, the collection is offered and measured in the longer yards so you can design you eid dress in an easiest way. and it also offering you blazing decorative material free with each and every dress of the collection, details are below:

  • Jacquard embroidered shirts
  • Printed silk / chiffon dupatta
  • Dyed trouser

Add ons include:

  • Embroidered necklines
  • Lace Borders
  • Silk Borders
  • Motifs

*add ons are offered with all dresses of Faraz Manan Luxury Silk / Chiffon Eid ul Azha Collection 2015 but their combination can vary dress wise.

Lastly, you would love know what is the price of Faraz Manan Luxury Silk / Chiffon Eid ul Azha Collection 2015as it is a rich capsule of unstitched dresses.Well, prices a bit costly because of the heavy emblazonments on the shirts and offered same for all the apparels in order to save you from the confusion, price of Faraz Manan Crescent Eid Collection is

  • PKR 11,800

Before leaving this page check the images out and do tell us if you like them or not. One more thing, you can now purchase via stylee.pk for the and queries in this regard you can contact our customer service team just by commenting below or on our facebook page.

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  • nabiha
    Posted October 13, 2015 9:00 pm 0Likes

    Hi!! I run a boutique in Hyderabad( India ) ..I want to know do you give your collection for resale??

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