Where all other brands are offering only one or two dresses for valentine’s right there a brand launching its huge range of single kurtis. Yes, I am talking about Ethnic by Outfitters Fall in Love Valentine’s Day Collection 2017.

Ethnic By Outfitters Fall in Love Valentine’s Day Collection 2017:

This Valentine’s Day collection is huge range of fancy attires that are weaved in 5 soft and shining fabrics, such as

  1. Silk
  2. Shamooz
  3. Jacquard
  4. Organza,
  5. Cambric

This fancy fabric is beamed up by using premium Chinese traditional prints, floral patterns, net artwork, Jacquard embroidered patterns and sceneries on front and back of the shirts. This latest collection by Outfitters is adorned with beats ornaments, piping on sleeves and Frills in the bottom line and you can check out the aesthetic images of the collection at the end of this article.

Moreover, the fabric is offered in stitched shirts form and stitching of each shirt is eye-popping as designers have tried to interlace variety, style and respect in a single piece. Designers have given unique names to each design i.e. blend printed shirt, chocker neck shirt, cuffs fusion top, open shirt, cut-down neck plain shirt and dark piping shirt etc. These names are depicting what a apparel has in it.

Furthermore, color palette of the shirt is very attractive and indulging as the brand is giving away a huge variety in colors and all the colors are adorned with multi shaded threads and motifs on it. Base colors are black, maroon, Red, pink, white, mustard, yellow, rust, grey and skin-brown etc you can examine them in the images given at the end.

Not only this, brand has offered a huge range of sizes which means either you are skinny or chubby you can find perfect size for you, choices available are;

  • Large size
  • Medium size
  • Small size
  • Extra small size

These attires offered in Ethnic by Outfitters clothing range are available only as shirt pieces and you can use tights, palazzos, cigarette pants and harem pants with them in order to complete your dress. Also, if you take dupatta must with your dress, loads of scarves and mufflers are available in the market that will suit your style in the best way.

Go for shopping and make your valentine’s day even more worthwhile with Ethnic by Outfitters Fall in Love Valentine’s Day Collection 2017. Your comments and suggestions about our reviews are always welcome here at stylee.pk and if you like our arranged info, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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