Ethnic by outfitters Cambric Unstitch Festive Collection 2015 a voluptuous and luscious collection is about to touch the markets tomorrow on 18, September 2015 and as outfitters is offering very limited stock in it, so we decided to inform you with the minutiae of the collection. By this, you will be able to make a decision quickly before its sale.

So here you go!!!

First of all this collection Ethnic by outfitters Cambric Unstitch Festive Collection 2015 is woven with the lenient cotton fabric aped to wear in the occasions occurring in the midsummer season.         Along with this chiffon fabric is also utilized in this assemblage to make it even more loveable for the festival of eid, coming ahead.

Secondly, this cambric enriched capsule of fashion is vacant with the two types of verities:

  • Ethnic by outfitters 3 piece Cambric Unstitch dresses for eid 2015
  • Ethnic by outfitters 2 piece Cambric Unstitch dresses for eid 2015

Checkout both the varieties one by one

Unstitched 3 pc suits

Unstitched three piece suits by outfitters are very decorous plus elegant pieces of art, inspired from nature and with just first look at the dresses, you will feel like you are watching at a bouquet of flowers designed by an artist who knows and understands the colors more than anyone else. Exquisite embroideries with digitally printed art are crafted on the front and back of the shirts. While dupattas are also festooned with the printed patterns digital art and crayon like pastels. Along with this long thread veins border is also there to give these chiffon dupattas a shawls look.

Measurements of fabric is very intelligent and as per your contemporary needs.You know, these days, knee length shirts with capris and cigarette pants are in trend but longer dupattas so you will get fabric that will fulfil your requirements such as;

  • 5 meter embroidered shirt
  • 5 meter dyed cambric bottom
  • 5 meter printed dupatta with long thread vein lace

Colors are tedious and darker toned with rosemary embroideries on front and flower scroll printson the back.

Unstitched 2 pcsuits

Two piece suits have qualities, color palette and embroideries just like the,foresaid detailed ,3 pc suits of the collection which you will examine at the end of this article but only missing thing is the chiffon dupatta. Moreover, fabric measurements are also same for two piece and as elegant as of the above mentioned 3 piece dresses. Anyhow it is comprising

  • 5 meter embroidered cambric shirt
  • 5 meter dyed cambric bottom

Lastly, you would like to know the price of Ethnic by outfitters Cambric Unstitch Festive Collection 2015 but the wait is not yet over completely. The brand will expose the prices just at the time of launching their dresses so, stay connected for prices but before leaving, must check the images of the eid collection of ethnic by outfitters.

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